Thursday, July 16, 2009

Visiting the Hercules

by James
Wednesday, 15 July 2009
We went to the airport to see the Hercules (Royal New Zealand Air Force). We saw the sink, oven and coffee pot. We saw the pilot's seat and co-pilot's seat. Both of their steering wheels turn the same way so they can't turn different ways. I got to wear one of their life vests. It was heavy! There was a safety radio inside it. Then we got off the plane and went home. I was glad we visited the Hercules Air Force plane.


  1. the plane was here bringing a couple of politicians to strengthen ties between New Zealand and a few Pacific countries. It was really interesting. Definitely NOT first class, or even economy class! We all enjoyed our outing.

  2. Good to hear from you James! Airplanes are really cool, aren't they?

  3. James, do you think we should design a car with a steering wheel for each person in the car? It could be planned so the car would go in the direction that most people wanted to go!

  4. That's really neat that they let you have a tour of the plane. What did Mommy mean by it not being first class or economy class? Was it really really nice, better than first class? Because that's what I would think of if politicians are using it. How many people could it hold?

  5. i like your post that is why i am your best cousin csause i like everything you do
    i hope you get back soon and i hope you have a great time in kiribati (mom helped with that)
    from david

  6. from andrew:
    thats ridiculous because you are the one who is right there. i miss you and i love you