Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Help, "Timmy's" in the well!

So, on Tuesday, we went to our first real Scout meeting. They meet at the local school in the afternoons. this week we just played some getting to know you games. The kids are pretty excited about it. The leaders are going to get their planning book in English for me so I can see how their scheme follows ours and to see how I can help them lead in English so the children can practice more.
Tuesday evening, we had some friends over for dinner. On our way here, we met a couple of girls from England. They are medical students doing an elective course here observing in the hospital. Well, they're leaving today, so we had them over for dinner before they left. It was a really good dinner: boiled breadfruit, tuna fried and in tomato soup with noodles and vegetables, rice. The girls brought bananas cooked in kamaimai (coconut syrup) for dessert. We taught them canasta after the kids went to bed. Then we took them home. Conn and I stayed and talked for a while at their house, then headed back to our house. It was good to make that connection for all of us.
Wednesday was also eventful. It was getting close to school time in the afternoon when the sky got very dark. We thought it was going to rain so we hurried out to bring in our clothes (again), but we heard others talk about the eclipse. We couldn't see it clearly because there was a big cloud in the way, but it was cool how the sky got dark, then light again. We knew it wasn't just because of the cloud because the blue parts of the sky got dark too. It was a great teaching moment as I explained it to the kids in the moment. I've never experienced an eclipse before.
While we were out there, the kids were playing around and we headed back to the house to bring in those clothes. Mama was still out in the yard with the kids when we heard "help, he's fallen!" and we heard James calling for help. My worst nightmare about being here had happened. Luckily, it happened the best way it could. James had tripped while he was playing, and fell into a nearby well. He hit his head on the way down, but that made him go feet first. Also, the well was not very deep so he could stand in the bottom. One of the bigger boys was able to help him out pretty quickly and Conn ran to get him from him. He had a big gash on the back of his head behind his ear so we washed it out and Conn took him to the hospital to get stitches. He was being such a brave, big boy about it, hardly crying and really just taking care of business-like. After they left, Tanielu fell apart a bit because he was worried about James and he had to stay here with me for our school. Conn and James were only gone for about an hour before they were back, and James was playing with the kids and joining in like nothing had happened. We dressed it and cleaned it out this morning and got a good picture of it. We'll post it as soon as we can. He has 3 stitches. The gash resembled Tanielu's when he had his "hole in the head" on his forehead a couple of years ago. James says it doesn't really hurt and he's being a trooper about keeping the bandage around his head to hold the gauze on so it stays clean. We're getting good use out of our first aid kit, that's for sure. Between keeping Neosporin on all the boo-boos and using the tylenol for the kids' little fevers, I just wish Parker would keep a band aid on his sores so he'll leave them alone. For those who heard about Tanielu's sores on his face, they're getting better with the daily Neosporin. I think it was impetego, but isn't spreading any more and no one else has gotten it.
It's time now to join the family for our fish and rice lunch. Looking forward to hearing your comments.
God Bless, Jennifer


  1. You make life in Bahama seem very boring! Thanks for the updates.

    Belton and Toni

  2. wow, I guess you really have to keep an eye on Parker if it's that easy to fall in a well. I guess those folks will have to make sure they boil their water since James had his feet in it. ;) I'm glad James is ok. Love, Mom

  3. Gosh - I agree with Belton; life here is kind of boring - but I think I like it that way. Your kids are having some traumatic times ( impetigo, getting lost, falling in a well) You guys have got to SLOW down. You are moving to the top of my prayer list. Take care and be safe!
    In Christ,

  4. Jennifer,

    Happy Belated Birthday to Conn and Happy Birthday early to James and you!

    You seem to be keeping yourselves busy and eventhough you have had several events it sounds like the day to day is getting easier. We think about you daily and our prayers remain with you. I will especially pray that you all stay safe and that Conn gets a good job and soon. The UNICEF driver position sounds hopeful. We look forward to hearing good news and seeing some pictures soon.

    As you can see I have finally signed up for facebook and am slightly addicted for the moment. I hope that one day we will be able to chat.

    Your blog posts are great! I especially like the one from James:) When you write, I can just hear your voice and it is almost like talking to you on the phone.

    Well, we miss you and can't wait to hear more. Take Care. God Bless<><

    Love, Michele

  5. Arghhhhh, James in a well. What a tramatic event. I am so glad there was another 'bigger' boy to aid him. He'll need his scouting skills to handle the day to day life there, it seems. I love reading your entries and can imagine how much the boys are changing and growing in such a diverse culture. It will be amazing to see the pictures you bring back. The fish and rice sounds yummy. Good luck, Conn, on the job search. Love and hugs, Cheryle