Thursday, July 30, 2009

James is 8!

Wednesday was James' birthday. Hard to believe he's 8 already. The early day was uneventful. The kids did their school work and Conn went out with his mom to try applying for jobs. They got back just before school started at 4 in the afternoon. When the kids all sat down, one of the students came in carrying a cake and the kids all celebrated James' birthday with him. They sang to him, we had cake, and James and Tanielu did their Kiribati dances for the schoolkids. It was a fun time and something special for James. After school, we made spaghetti for dinner. James was so glad to see this much loved, and much missed, dinner. We found dry pasta at a local store and another American gave us the sauce (thanks Diane!). There was plenty for everyone to try it, and the boys each had seconds. There was even enough for lunch yesterday! Then we had ice cream and the rest of the cake for dessert. Aunty Laae gave James a toy truck and a box of plastic insects from Melesiata. We're still waiting for the package from Grandma in NC.
Happy Birthday, James!


  1. Happy Birthday, James! Dinner sounds delicious and it will be a birthday to be remembered. Continued prayers for your safety and for Conn's job search.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. We had spaghetti for James' birthday dinner too! James can keep on celebrating when the package finally gets there. Be careful and stay safe so you'll make it to 9 next year. Love, Grandma

  3. Happy birthday, James! When we read that you and Tanielu had done the Kiribati dance, we remembered how much we enjoyed watching you do the dance at the lunch at Bethany.

    Conn, it is almost dartball season. We'll miss you on our Monday night excursions!

    Toni and Belton

  4. Hey, so glad the spaghetti was such a hit! Happy Birthday James!

  5. Glad to hear that James had a great Birthday! Sorry to hear that the NC package hasn't arrived yet, but that just gives him something to look forward to:) I'm sure that spaghetti was AWESOME! Lukas and Ginny had some just last night for dinner too:) So we are all connected still even with half a world between us! We miss you and look forward to hearing from you again soon! God Bless<><