Monday, July 13, 2009

Independence Day!

Well, Kiribati has been an independent nation for 30 years now. Since the 12th was on Sunday, they celebrated on Monday. We went to Bairiki for the parade and saw the Scouts, schools, and even the little pre-schoolers. Then we had a snack of bananas in the car while it rained. The timing was perfect that the rain took only just as long as we did to eat. Then we got back out and went back to the stadium. We had lunch, which the boys gobbled up (fish, chicken, sausage, rice with ketchup, cabbage). We started with one plate that they shared, and had to get another. Then we went over to see the ferris wheel and rides. The boys saw other Scout friends and were welcomed into their group immediately. We got tickets for the boys to ride the ferris wheel with their Scout friends and we watched. They really get that wheel going fast. The boys looked like they had a lot of fun on it. James looked a little unsure at first, but he had his hands in the air before long. After that, we went looking for ice cream. The boys were still hungry and wanted more lunch, so we got another plate which they finished. We wondered if these really are our kids with them eating so much! On our way back to the car, we stopped to inquire about putting our pictures on a cd and in this process, Tanielu got lost. He didn't see that we stopped and he kept going. He realized he wasn't with us when he got to the banana stand. He knew we were going back to the car and thought we were ahead of him, so he went back to the car. When we were done at the photo shop, we were looking for him and couldn't find him anywhere. I stayed where I was, Conn looked one way towards the car and other friends looked the other way we came from. Conn came back with him crying from the car. We were glad he was ok, but stressed the importance of him staying with us and looking up and being aware when he walks around. Then we headed home.
When we got home, we rested, bathed, and got our dinner ready. That evening we went to dinner with the Scouts because it was the last night the Australians were here. The 8:00 dinner opened at 10. While we were waiting, the kids played and adults talked. It was a late night. We walked home and went straight to bed.

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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Sounds as if you have been busy! Belated birthday wishes to Conn- sorry he didn't get his dinner,
    As you know patience is not one of my virtues, the time thing would be driving me crazy.
    Just curious- did church start on time?
    Take care and stay healthy.