Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday - church and Temwaiku

Sunday we finally made it to church. We went to Temwaiku where Conn's family #2 lives. Church was good. Three children were baptized. Different from ours where we make a huge deal out of it. Here it was very simple and quick. No big deal. Parker went to Sunday School with Roine (his new friend from family #2 - she's about 10 years old). After church I asked Tanielu if he wanted to go to Sunday School next week and he said he didn't. We went around the meet the kids coming out to get Parker and when Tanielu saw all the kids, I asked him again if he wanted to go to Sunday School next week and his face brightened and he nodded yes. After church we walked back to the family's house and rested there for the whole afternoon. We napped, the kids played, we ate. Tanielu and James learned to draw water from the well. We all stayed well from the food this time. The wind is really good there and no mosquitoes, so it's quite nice to be there. There's just a lot of flies. We're going to try to spend every Sunday there.

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