Monday, July 13, 2009

Conn's birthday

Last Friday was Conn's birthday. He is now 33! On Thursday night, I went out with Mama, Toamwane and Laae to shop for his present. We got a few things that he mentioned wanting while we've been here: a tablecloth, a pitcher to make our drinks in, and a pair of plastic flip flops. We were also planning to get chicken, fish, vegetables, and a cake for his birthday dinner, but that fell through. While we were out, we heard on the radio that a daughter of Mama's cousin died that day. She had a heart attack and died suddenly while teaching her class that day. This means that Mama had to give some money to the funeral botaki and couldn't buy the food that she had planned to. It apparently also meant that we couldn't even have a dinner for him. On Friday, Conn and I and the kids hung out at the house while Mama, Laae, Toamwane, and Melesiata went to their church. It looks like Fridays are our day to hang at the house by ourselves, or go wherever on our own. They basically spend the day at the missionary's house. They got back rather late, then Mama and Laae went to the funeral gathering. So, there was minimal celebration for Conn. Good thing it was his birthday and not one of the kids! He would be the least bothered. Anyway, we did get to give him his present Saturday morning and he enjoyed that. He also got to eat the raw fish that Laae prepared and he also enjoyed that.

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