Friday, July 17, 2009


We're really enjoying reading your comments. I'll try to answer questions when I can. Please keep in touch!
The Hercules airplane we visited was like being in a military plane. Not the cushy seats like on commercial airplanes. One of the crew said it could hold up to 90 passengers, but this flight had 14 politicians and 16 crew. We took some pictures, so when I can get them up, you'll see what we mean.
Church is the only thing, Lynne, that starts on time around here. 10am sharp. If you're late, just sneak in the back and pick up with the others. School might start on time, but not always. Even teachers are late for school sometimes. One time, Mama was 20 minutes late for school. Conn took over and started them on some games to keep them busy while we waited for her. That was when we first got here.
We're getting more and more settled. The kids have made friends to play with between the school kids who speak English and the neighborhood kids who don't. The only thing is the food. If the kids say they're hungry, we don't really have snack food for them. We just have to wait until the next meal. We're working on variety and satisfaction.
Not much has been going on. We're hanging out and enjoying our free time. There hasn't been school this week for Independence so the kids have been out playing a lot. We've had our school though, so still something to do.
Conn applied for a job as driver/messenger for UNICEF. It's a fixed term appointment, but not sure how long the term is. We're hoping he'll get that job and save the money from it and just live off the money I make. Please keep him in your prayers. He's very qualified for the job. We just hope they see it that way. We'll probably find out in a few weeks since they're sending all the applications to Fiji for deciding.
Looking forward to hearing your comments. God Bless! Jennifer


  1. That would be great if Conn gets that job. So it sounds like the kids want snack food. How about rice cakes? :) Love you, Mom

  2. Good morning from Durham. Prayers are out for Conn's employment. Hope it works out. Give James a hug for me and tell him I loved his entry. It was very interesting and I hope we will hear more from him in the future. Have a good week and God Bless.