Monday, July 13, 2009

Saturday with the Scouts

Saturday was the kids' day to work with the Scouts. Conn, James, and Tanielu went early to meet the Scouts to work on cleaning up part of the roadside, then have lunch, and practice for the Independence march. I was to go to the library with the school, then meet them at the park for the lunch. Such is life in Kiribati that things didn't quite work out that way. The Scouts didn't actually leave for the clean up until around 11 so they were very late for picnic time. I rode with Mama and Laae, so luckily I wasn't sitting at the park with Parker and our pot of rice waiting for them. Even more so, they changed their minds and didn't even come to the park! They went back to the maneaba and had lunch there before practicing for the march. I rode around with Mama and Laae while they checked prices and began the shopping for Melesiata's birthday party. (That will be Aug. 5) It was very hot and tiring. Not pleasant at all. We met back at home after dark, in time to eat and get to bed.

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