Thursday, September 24, 2009

End of Ramadan

On Monday, Ramadan was over and the Muslim community gathered to celebrate and feast. Our boys were invited to join in the trip to Betio. This is what James has to say about it:
"Yesterday we went to Betio with Grandmama and Uncle. Mommy and Daddy stayed behind. At Betio, we played with our friend there, Khaleel. They had an Amazing Mazes. I enjoyed doing them while the Muslims prayed. Then it was lunch time. I had chicken luncheon (like chicken spam) and part of a potato. Then we went down to the beach and I dug a hole in the sand for Tanielu's crabs he found. Then we went home. What a day at Betio!"

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  1. Eager to know if the tsunami effect has done damage to Kiribati. If I read my map correctly, most of the damage would have been south of you.

    Belton and Toni