Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Parker!

September 17 - Parker turned two years old! And he's every bit of two. He talks all the time, he's curious about everything, he eats a lot at every meal, he's almost running and goes all over the place, he goes outside to play with his big brothers, but still he's attached to his Mommy and Daddy. He's still learning to share with his younger cousin, and he's practicing picking up his toys, but he knows what he wants and how to get it most of the time. For his birthday, we had oatmeal with dried fruit from a package from the Brants for breakfast and the traditional spaghetti for dinner. Grandmama came through with a cake, which Melesiata almost sat in, and Parker had the first cut. We didn't have any gifts, but he didn't really notice and we've been getting lots of packages lately with gifts for all of us. It was a nice day for all of us. Since then, Parker has been working with his sticker pictures, coloring in his journal, watching the ducklings, and playing with Melesiata. He's already outgrowing some of the clothes we brought. Luckily, it's warm here and clothing is optional for kids this young. We got a kids' toilet seat from Mom and he's been enjoying his trips to the potty. No action yet though. Prayers for quick potty training, though, so he can be trained before we come home, whenever that may be. We appreciate all the prayers you've been sending for us. We really can feel them and they are much needed.

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  1. Oh how wonderful to hear about the boys and how they are growing and developing. You are so rich, they are treasure beyond measure. Please continue to tell stories about their everyday life, it helps us see them with new eyes. You are always in our prayers, I am so glad you feel the power they bring.