Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day to Day Same Old Same Old

Well, sorry I haven't written about what's going on here for a while, but it doesn't seem like there's anything new or exciting to write about. Our daily life has evened out to morning chores, trying to get the kids to do their schoolwork, and afternoon school. Our morning chores include getting breakfast and cleaning up, doing laundry, and cleaning up outside. The boys always help with setting and clearing the table and washing the dishes. James helps run the washing machine and both boys help hang and fold laundry. All the boys help clean outside. They sweep, pick up trash and brush, and today they cleared the branches from the back of the house so the sun will hit the clotheslines. They also repaired the duck pen outside so the ducklings won't get out. Cats can still get in, but the ducklings are safer there if a cat does go to them because the male duck will fight back. We're down to only 3 ducklings so we're trying to be more protective of them.
The kids are doing well in their schoolwork, but it's harder for them to focus here. There's not really a desk space for them to work and it's hard to keep their materials organized and easy for them to find their stuff. We're working our way around the world with Asia first. We've studied Japan, China, Korea and India is next. We're also incorporating their Scout requirements into their school work so that gets done too, and adds fun. In the afternoon, the boys play with the school kids, then work with them during school time. In the evening, they come out to the road to meet me when I get off the bus and we come home to eat dinner (sometimes late, like 8) and get off to bed. They enjoy their reading time in the mosquito net before lights out. Even Parker gets his nose into a board book. They are quick to fall asleep after lights out and prayer. It's a full day for our three boys who are starting to be not-so-little anymore.

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