Thursday, September 24, 2009

Silly School Kids

Just wanted to share a funny experience with my school kids this week. On Wednesday, the wait for the bus was especially long so the kids I ride with had extra time to play and be silly together. There were some birds soaring overhead and the kids were calling to the birds and trying to attract them. There are some concrete cinder blocks near the place where we were waiting so a couple of kids climbed up there to be closer to the birds. No, none jumped off and tried to fly, thank goodness. But a feather floated down from the sky and when the kids saw this, they went crazy trying to catch it. Apparently it's good luck or you get a wish if you catch a feather. So they were all over each other trying to catch the feather. Then, they kept throwing it up for each other and dropping it from the pile of cinder blocks so they could keep catching it. They were really silly and fun to watch.
These kids I ride home with are really great. They really take care of their teacher. They make sure they wait for me after school and that we all get on the same bus, and the right bus since not all buses go all the way down the island. They also try to sit around me on the bus. They all get off before I do, but they all wave and shout good-byes from the roadside after they get off and the bus moves away. I really love them and I'm lucky to have such great students.


  1. Kids will be kids, wherever, I guess. I can almost hear their laughter through your words. How simple a pastime and yet so magical. I'm glad they are protective and caring about their teacher. They will surely miss you when you are gone and you will miss them. This experience will change your life forever and theirs.

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