Thursday, October 1, 2009

We're safe from the tsunami

So, Wednesday morning, we woke up to hear news that a tsunami was headed our way. It should hit within the hour! Imagine our panic and worry that followed. The schools were sending their children back to their families and preparations were being made. We listened to the radio for updates and all emergency personnel were on standby. Conn's mom bought some swimming floaties and we blew up the exercise ball to float with. We filled all the water bottles with boiled water and put them in the fridge so we could find them when we need them. Then waited. I prayed without ceasing that morning for our safety. I remembered the Bible verse that Pastor Bryan taught James: "Do not worry about anything, but pray about everything and thank God for his answers." Philipians 4:6. Well Praise God! The tsunami warning was cancelled about 11:30 in the morning. It never showed itself here. We're all safe.
We pray for recovery for the people of Samoa and Cook Islands and of Indonesia.
Tanielu said too bad the tsunami didn't come. Now we can't use our floaties! He was the most worried about it beforehand. I guess we'll have to take the kids for a swim in the lagoon.


  1. Your vivid description of your preparation for the tsunami captures the tension and potential horror of the moment. Thanks for the update. UMCOR is responding, of course. We are glad you are safe and our prayers join yours for those who have had the full devastation.

    Belton and Toni

  2. Jennifer,

    We have been so worried about you and your family and now we are so relieved. Ollie especially--he wants you to tell James he is glad that he is safe. You guys are the bravest on the planet! Stay safe and we'll be thinking of you.

    Marianne Will

  3. Your faith and the faith of the prayer warriors all over the world has protected you. God in His mercy saved Kiribati. I continue to pray for all those who were injured and for those who lost loved ones. God is good all the time: all the time God is good. We look foreard to having you return safely with many stories to tell and many pictures to show.

    Cheryle Takacs

  4. Glad you are safe from the tsunami...hope that is the last of the warnings you'll get while there. I pray you never have to use those floaties!

    It sounds like things are improving some for you, and I hope that is the case.

  5. This note is for Jennifer Apisai:

    Hello. My name is Mary Beth Snyder, and my husband and I met you last June outside of the Library on Tarawa. I tried to email you a while back with an email address you gave me. Sam and I are preparing to live in Kiribati as missionaries, and I wanted to ask you about a place to rent. When we were there, you mentioned a place. I found this blog site when I was trying to find info. on possible tsunami in Kiribati from the Chili earthquake.
    It was good meeting you in Kiribati. Thanks for your help.
    Mary Beth Snyder