Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome to Kiribati

We arrived in Kiribati around noontime on Thursday, June 25. Mama, Laae, Toamwane, and Melesiata were at the airport to greet us. It was very exciting to finally be here and see our family, although, I really forgot how stinking hot it is here! I wasn't across the tarmac at the airport and the sweat began dripping.
We have yet to get settled into our new home, and some of us are having some trouble adjusting, but the rain has stopped temporarily and I have had a shower. The coffee is on the way, and the boys have made a couple of friends and they found a movie to watch.
Hopefully now we will find food the boys will eat, something for us to drink, sunny weather so our laundry can dry, and space to arrange our things so we won't be in the way.
I'm looking forward to seeing the library, market, and recycling facility. We'll also look for the local school and church.
Parker really enjoys eating the papaya and bananas found here and Tanielu enjoyed the dried fish Conn brought home this morning.
Conn went and got some cabbage seedlings this morning. That will begin his garden.
Tanielu had a spell of wanting strawberries and North Carolina. He's doing better now playing with friends.


  1. Hello Apisai family,
    So glad to hear you have reached your destination!
    I guess it'll take a bit to get settled and to realize this is not a 2 week vacation. I do hope the boys do well with the transition. Keeping you in prayer - love and peace.
    Lynne S

  2. Thanks for the updates. Tell Tanielu that the average strawberry has 200 of those tiny black seeds on the outside of the berry. The strawberry is the only fruit that has all of its seeds outside the skin.

    How hot is "hot"? Humidity?

    According to Durham paper, there is a bear loose near Cole Mill Road. At least, life is not boring---here or there!

    Toni and Belton

  3. It's 94 here if that helps. And with the humidity, quite a lot like inside of a sponge. I haven't seen the bear but there is a gremlin in my bedroom keeping me awake for the five nights. If you get back and I only have three kids lets just assume the bear got him.

  4. The thought had crossed my mind that you missed the plane but it doesn't sound like it was all that bad. I love the slideshow, too bad the pictures aren't bigger. How did you get all those great sunsets with all that rain? I've checked my emails and this blog more in the past week than I have all year. Love you all, Mom

  5. Hi, I saw your earlier post and wondered when you may be arriving. Even looked for a family arriving as I was at the airport, too, on Thursday. Just curious who you all are and what brings you to Kiribati. I'm an American living in Kiribati now for almost twelve years. I love it!

    Give yourselves a week - you'll get used to the heat again!

  6. Your mom gave me the blog address this morning. I hope you don't mind. So, M&Ms are wanted; plain or peanut, or both.

    Cynthia Gail

  7. ok, so I just messed around with the slideshow (you know I love sunsets) and figured out the pictures were taken in 2008 in Colorado. How did they get on your website? Hope you are getting settled in ok. Can you post your pictures on this website?
    Love, Mom

  8. Thanks for getting Mom to check her email! Maybe I'll start sending her stuff again - without you to call and tell her what's in it... Set up a flickr account for your pictures. I remember the heat. Squatting down to wash dishes in the sun made you feel the entire weight of the sun that you think you may never be able to stand up again. Stay in the shade.