Sunday, June 21, 2009

Raining in Fiji

It has been raining here since Friday, and despite this, we are still having fun. The kids are loving playing with their cousins, we have enjoyed visiting our family, and we still are seeing the sights of Suva.
Yesterday was Conn's youngest sister, Fatimah's birthday. She turned 27. We enjoyed a special dinner to honor her. We ate lobster, chicken fried rice, lamb sausage and birthday cake. We went to the city center beforehand, to get Fatimah out of the house, and I got her a necklace with a mother of pearl pendant.
Saturday we went and visited more of Conn's family. These are the ones we stayed with on our last trip through Fiji 4 years ago. We got to see all of the children and the grandchildren. Each of us showed off our newest members. The kids made themselves right at home and had a great time. Tanielu got sick twice, but that really didn't slow him down much. He's doing much better now. Must have been the travelling bug.
This morning we went back into the city while everyone here went to school. We walked through the handicraft center (the kids got necklaces), then had McDonald's for lunch (the beloved cheeseburger!), then headed over to the Fiji Museum. It was quite interesting for me, but not so much for the kids.
We are now back home to enjoy our last few hours with this family before we set out around midnight to go back to the other side of this island to the airport. We fly at 7:30 Tuesday morning to Kiribati.


  1. Hi Apisai family, Wow! I'm tired just reading about that flight. Praying that all goes well on the last leg of your journey and that everyone settles in to their new "home away from home".
    Lynne S.

  2. Fiji sounds a whole lot more stable than last time I was there! Looks like you will not get this until Kiribati. Do you have to take a cheeseburger to anyone in Kiribati?

  3. Sounds like you are having a great time! Will you be driving back to Nadi? If so, stop by the Fijian and walk is beautiful AND they have good playgrounds for the kids. The same with Denarau Island in is a good place to "Tire" the kids out...SHopping malls, trolly rides and even MORE playgrounds. I am very happy all is working out for all of you! Tekeraoi to mananga!