Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our first weekend here

It did get a little better, considering the 100% humidity and 90 degree temps. Besides the food, drink and hard sleeping floor, I guess it's not too bad. Saturday, we went to the edge of Betio and sat on the beach a while. The kids played in the sand and put their feet in the water. They found some crabs to chase and Laae dug up a few and put them in a hole together to make them fight. The boys really enjoyed this. Alas, we are in Kiribati so only 50 feet beyond that, some girls from across the road came over to do their business in the lagoon. Thankfully, the boys neither noticed nor made a deal over it. The boys also enjoyed their first Kiribati ice cream on this trip. That might have been a mistake because that's all they want now. Saturday night we had our first "fish and rice" dinner. Really, that's all. All the boys had diarrhea in the night, so we're laying off the fish a bit. Sunday morning we didn't make it out to church in time, but we drove around, showed the boys the church we will be going to, visited Conn's uncle whom he's named after, and visited a store. We didn't buy anything there. The rest of Sunday we hung around the house since Laae and Toamwane had to take the car. We did go for a walk around the village, just to get out of the house, and to show the boys where they live. We got some canned spaghetti for the kids (which they enjoyed). It was sunny all weekend, so my laundry finally dried.
This morning the kids and I went to Bairiki to the library. We were able to check out 3 books, but the pickings are slim. Finding great material to supplement what I brought will be tricky. I think James has already finished all 3 books! When we got to the library, we met a couple of Americans from Knoxville. They're leaving tomorrow, but they are supposed to be coming back. They're missionaries. We're all looking forward to knowing some other Americans here. Now, we're going to enjoy a fresh lobster lunch. Don't be too jealous... ok, it's really good so you can be jealous about that. :)
We're still trying to figure out how to get our pictures from the camera to the computer, so please be patient in that regard. We appreciate your prayers and we need all you can give for this to be a healthy, smooth visit for our family. We're looking forward to receiving snail mail, especially James.
God Bless! We love you all! Jennifer


  1. wow, that's great there is a car you can use. You didn't tell me his mom has a car. You'll save a lot on bus fare. How much is gas over there? I'm surprised the boys only put their feet in the ocean, but I guess the water was warm, like a bath. Did you get all that luggage unpacked and put away?

  2. The boys would have enjoyed the covered-dish lunch yesterday at church at the "Welcome Pastor Jimmy" luncheon. But we did not have any lobster!

    Toni and Belton

  3. you have particular titles you want for the kids? Glad to hear you are still doing well. Loving the updates!

  4. James could probably write a few books to put in the library with all he knows. Hope the diarrhea leaves you all soon.