Thursday, June 25, 2009

extra time in Fiji

Well, thanks to the careful attention of Air Pacific, they neglected to notify us that our flight time was changed from 7:30am as printed on our tickets to 3:30am. Therefore, we got to spend 2 more days in Fiji on the airline's tab. We stayed at Raffles, across the street from the airport and enjoyed sunny days, although not too hot. We decided to rest on Tuesday and enjoy the hotel amenities (pool, billiards, fish pond, yard to play in) and go to bed early. Wednesday we visited the Kula Eco Park. Here we saw Fiji's native plants and animals in a rainforest setting. It was really cool. The kids got to hold lizards, and we saw the Kula, Fiji's national bird. It was a nice day and a pleasant distraction from our delay in travel. We finally headed out Thursday morning to Kiribati, our final destination.
Our stay did have it's downfall... both James and I had our turn at the stomach sickness. We're all feeling better now.

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  1. Fiji is so nice. Did you see many of its beaches or will you see enough beach in Kiribati? Reply by email, facebook, or subsequent post - I probably won't be re-sifting through the comments on the blog.