Friday, November 6, 2009

The power's out

by James
I was talking to Mommy and then I was walking but only got to a chair near mommy. Why you say? because the power was out! don't say "so!" it was comin up to 8:00 pm. dark, eh? I couden't see and mommy said stay where we were. I held on to the chair I was by. daddy got a lantern and three flashlights, two blues and one red. I took the oldest flash light, blue. Tanielu took the red and parker took the blue, other, flash light. then we had a flashlight party. then I went over to the other house. Tanielu put his flashlight beside Daddy and went over to the dark house. in 2 seconds he ran back shouting "monster, monster, monster." I asked him "were?" and he said "over there." he showed me where and started shouting the same thing. Tanielu was too loud that Daddy said "go over to that shelf." While he was sitting there he drawed himself. Well at least he tried to but in the dark he put a B on the face, wich was sopposed to be on the body I guss, and the face was outside of the head. then it was bedtime. now you know that I had fun after all. the end.

by Tanielu
when the lite went off
when the lite went out I felt scared and then Parker cryed very loud and I felt very scared I felt my way to a poset that I could holed on too but then daddy came with flashlites too give us so we can see around the hous the end


  1. Hi James, Tanielu, and family,
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Your weekend swimming and playing hide and seek sounds like lots of fun. I'm just wondering - does the power go off a lot? What causes the power to go off? I bet you were kind of scared.
    I sure do miss seeing you guys at church!

  2. If you decide you want to practice for the next time the power goes out, maybe you can try walking around with your eyes shut. It gets pretty dark that way!

    Thanks for the updates. We miss you.

    Toni and Belton Joyner

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